Just want to give a note letting a lot of really great friends know what is going on, I am Billy as many of you know I have had ongoing health issues for some time recently I have broken all the ribs on the left side of my body, things can always be worse I am doing my best to make it back this past week many of you know I have a 94 year old mother whom I stay with and care for a mop hit her in the left leg and tore her thin skin off my home looked just like a blood bath, she is in wound care three times a week, she has aquired Cellulites and things just dont look good at all, she has had 2 rounds of antibiotics and I fear that a hospitalization may not be far in the near future, those that know me would know that I would do all in my power to stand by her, It is selfish but if its possible I think we Love our loved ones and want them to be the best they can and to be with us for as long as they can be that being said I would just ask you for those who make the choice to turn to God I would ask you to please ask him to stay close by us right now and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and please know that I care deeply about this site and the fantastic people who are on here that make trying to help a wonderful thing. For all those who have challenges I try and think of you and I do care Please know that I appreciate all the special people on here May God Bless all who make helping others a joy caringsonbj Billy