For the past 7 days I have had diarrhea.
And for these past 2 days, day and night, I have been having really bad chest pains smack in the middle.
It feels like, stabbing, grabbing, and sharp pains in the middle of my chest and I've been having shortness of breath.
I have been feeling dizzy, unsteady, numb, and anytime i lay down, sit, or walk. I can feel the "thump thump bang" in my chest.
I clenched my chest a few times as the pain was so bad I couldn't walk or stand and I wanted to lay on the floor and cry.
I am only 19 yrs old, and chest and heart problems are common in my grandmother and her relatives, but I am not focused on that.
Should I go to the emergency room or go see my primary doctor? I am trying not to focus on the pain, but... I dont really know what it is?
It's just... what should I do?
The pain is...
- in the middle of the chest
- sharp, stabbing, grabbing pain
- shortness of breath - barely can breath

... Heart and chest issues in my grandmothers family
... i dont think this is anxiety or stress related
... I am 19 yrs old, and I would like some help