This is my leg that was affected by polio.I have hardly no muscle in this leg it has also wore out my rt. Good leg.I have a lot of pain down the back of my Lt.leg when I set I can't hardly stand it.what can I march of 2014 I had my rt.leg my knee totally replaced.the feeling in it is terrible.then in sept.15 I had so much scare tissue cleaned out and then things went really bad.started to get infected it swelled so bad it bleed through the skin the pain was unbearable back in the hospital for a still feels like there is a big knot in it awuffle feeling in knee and still see hurt and pain.I don't know what to do.its driving me crazy.any suggestions I do have pps I've had 13 surgery's scoilosis fibromayalgia osteoarthritis everywhere.swollen probls ect.ect
.I'm a 55yr.old male went from working 12hrs.a day to can't hardly do nothing.I wasn't vassinated against polio.