I recently had major jaw bone surgery due to a Dental Surgery gone bad. I was reffered to a pain doc three months ago and last month was the first appointment with the doctor after waiting so many months. He had at first put me on Norco 10?325 and a 12mg/Fentynal Patch every 72 hrs..Due to my insurance not covering it he changed my perscription to Morphine 15mg twice a day on top of my Norco 10/325 three times a day at 2 per dose. I took the morphine for almost three weeks, but I was really nervous about how this medicine would effect me and having small children I didn't want to take the full 2 a day until I knew how this would effect me, so I only took one 15mg morphine a day for the first 2 weeks and five days and on the sixth day I started to take my evening dose as directed. Well I was fine on the morning dose, but on the evening dose for the first time I started having breathing complications. I had a rough night on that saturday, but I woke up the next morning and took my am meds and my evening meds and said if I have the same issue as I did the night before that I would discontinue the meds and call the doctors office first thing monday morning and make them aware of what the medication was doing to me. So that's exactly what I did because ofcourse I was struggling to breathe again worse than the night before and almost went to the hospital over it. The nurse had stated that it was an allergic reaction and that I needed to stop them and I did before she even told me to that am. So she said that the insurance should cover the patch now since I was allergic to the morhpine. So she pre-authorized it and they approved the patch. So a week after I stopped taking the morphine I contacted the them to let them know I was still taking the same amount of Norco after giving the patch 3 days to kick in like she had stated I do. My pain level hadn't changed, so they wanted to see me in the office to adjust the patch mg. So I went in and they changed the dose and made me take a drug screening to make sure I was taking the meds prescribed. Well I took the screening and a week later I get a call that they needed to speak with me about my test results. So I called them back and they asked when I had stopped taking the morphine and I told her it was the day I spoke with you on the phone after I had the bad allergic reaction the two nights before. She stated that it was still coming up after six almost seven days after I took my last dose. I said ok what seems to be the problem..She stated that it shouldnt be in my system and because it was that the doctor will have a meeting to see what they are going to do about it.."I said ok what do you mean what they are going to do about it?" She said I don't know we will have to see what they say" I said "Ok" and She said I will call you back and let you know what happens. So i'm thinking nothing of this since it was a medicine prescribed to me and I no longer take since I CAN'T OR I WILL DIE. I get a phone call this eveing from her and she states this " The doctor had a meeting and we have decided to no longer service you" I'm SHOCKED and don't understand why this is happening. So I ask her and she said it was almost a week and you shouldn't of had it in your system and I told her I stopped taking it when I told you and asked her when is it suppose be out of my system. "SHE SAID THE CHOICE HAS BEEN MADE AND YOU WILL RECIEVE A LETTER IN THE MAIL" and hung up on me.
I don't understand any of this and would like some answers from anyone on this matter. I called back and left a mess on wanting to appeal this choice because it's not my fault it's still showing up in my system and I don't see how I wasn't able to talk to the doctor or ask any other questions or even given another Urine Test..If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great. Thanks