I'm going on day 20 of bleeding with my period this month. I've been on the shot since Oct 2016. I get my 4th shot next week. Almost everyday I've been cramping and hurting on my lower left side and of course stomach. And my lower back has been hurting has well. Tylenol and Advil are not helping to relieve the pain. Sometimes the pain stops me dead in my track and all I can do is lay down. I do stuffer from endometriosis and from ovarian cyst. I had to have my right ovary and tube removed in 2013 because of a very large cyst that never went away. It got to 8cm in size. There was so much damage that my Dr had to take the ovary and tube. And that's when she discovered the endometriosis. I'm not sure if it's back and getting worse, if its a cyst or something else going on. Ugh. 20 days of bleeding is really too long.. help!!