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Pain control for BMS?

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ixa 11 May 2017

Have you tried Laser?
I have and it has worked. Let me know if you need more information

Michael3551 14 May 2017

Would really like some more information. How did you arrange this and where

Thanks Mike

ixa 14 May 2017

Hi there,
I tried through ENT. Because this treatment is very new I was told it will work for me. My Surgeon based in the UK is the best person to contact. He does go to States for his lectures and I am not sure if you can try it via ENT. I am not sure if I am allowed to give the information i.e. his name etc in this reply without breaking any guideline to this website. I do not know where you are but I am happy to give you his detais if you check out if I can.
Good Luck.
Do come back if you need more info.

Michael3551 14 May 2017

If you provide details that are inappropriate in any way the site will censor them and advise you.
However I cant see the site would be much use if you can tell me their maybe a solution to my problem but not provide details. I used to be a drugs and alcohol councillor and part of my job was to signpost clients to providers/individuals who could help them.

cjburn 8 Jun 2017

I live in California. what dr can I go to for this laser treatment you mentioned>

Michael3551 8 Jun 2017

Their is no problem in you giving me Consultant details. Please respond. Thanks Mike.

Sylvia Lawing 19 Jun 2017

I found that nothing really helped. It hurt too bad to suck on popsicles and the citrus burned. Benadryl helped me to sleep but didn't help very much with the pain or burning. Tylenol didn't help at all. I cut strips of paper towels into three inch strips,wet them,rolled them and froze them. I put these in my mouth and it soothed some so I could stand the pain and burning. I kept a container of them in the freezer all the time. free discount card

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