So I need some input. I have been going to the same primary care physician for about 3 years now maybe longer. Initially I started using this PCP while I was awaiting surgery to have a disctectomy which I had in DEC of 2013. He prescribed me medication for the pain and muscle relaxers for the spasms. The first surgery did not do anything for pain or sciatica relief and would consider it unsuccessful so I met with my spinal surgeon and made plans to eventually schedule a posterior fusion on my L5S1. (I had to delay having the second surgery due to work and insurance reasons) About 8 months after the discectomy I returned to my PCP with complaints of pain which was unbearable for normal daily activities let alone working a full time physical job. He then placed me on the same medications i was previously on which helped manage the pain enough to extent and I was grateful for any help I could get until my fusion. So in April of 2015 I had met with my surgeon and decided that July 30th I would have my fusion. My last visit to my PCP before surgery which was a few weeks before, I told the Dr. The date of my surgery and what me and the surgeon discussed, he seemed glad to hear that I was making an effort to improve my condition but didn't have much to say like usual.

So a few days before surgery I met with the surgeon and filled out all the necessary documents,paperwork and had bloodwork ect. During this time the surgeon said he will be contacting my Primary Care Physician to get all the approvals to treat me with medications and prescriptions( we had discussed I was on a pain contract ) he got the go ahead and said he would be the one prescribing me everything following the surgery. So I had the surgery and was sent home the next day with two separate pain medication prescriptions one was hydrocodone for to take normally and 10 oxycontin 10mg for the first few days while I was in pretty bad pain. I had a two week follow up with the surgeon where they gave me another prescription and I informed them I was wanting to quit taking them as soon as possible. I have not taken any medication since 6 weeks after the fusion and now it's been almost a full year since and the pain has not improved so I returned to my PCP and explained to him what's going on and that I'm in a lot of pain still with no improvement. He stated that I violated my contract with him because I received medication from another Dr. I then began to explain to him that we talked about this and the surgeon had got everything approved prior to prescribing me them. He refused to let me explain anymore and he even had the date of my surgery wrong in his notes and on his computer. I don't understand where the confusion happened or if there was a mistake somewhere in their process but i would like other people's opinions and inputs.

Has this happened to anyone else or is it a common issue to occur? How can I be at fault if it was discussed before hand and both the PCP and surgeon had spoke to eachother and confirmed everything before surgery? I understand the need and use for the pain contracts and need to monitor these sort of things but for him to tell me I am in the wrong and treat me as if I intentionally violated it is absurd. I am in the process of getting copies of all my records prescription and medical. I know I didn't intentionally do anything wrong and I followed both doctors instructions. I would like to hear anyone who has heard of or has any experience in a similar situation.