Hi, as part of this new pain clinic policy you have to sign a contract to do certain things and one of them you have to meet with a Psychologist. My experience with them in the past where they have been sent to me on long Hospital stays, because some of the doctors believe you must be very depressed because of all the things going on in my life and all the Psychologists they have got me to see each one have said I don't need a Psychologist, I really am just frustrated. In my case I find I get so frustrated with being in pain and all the other stuff that is going on, because I am always having to chase people up to talk to one another and lets say irritating to say the least. But because it is a new pain clinic and my new doctor I like a lot, so I gave it a go. Two weeks ago I met the new psychologist that I choose this time for the first time, I was on my crutches because I new I didn't have to go far and it was my only appointment, so this man called my name and said hi to me I turned around and for some reason I started to laugh because he too was on crutches having had surgery on his ankle, this happens to me when I get a bit nervous about meeting someone new. But the thing that really broke the ice was he started to laugh also and it set the tone for that first visit ,and for the first time it felt I was taking to a friend not with someone who was just asking me so many questions and you just felt they were intruding on your space.
This Monday we met for our second appointment and was surprised it felt so comfortable again and we were still laughing at each other, but my question to anyone that wants to answer is although I am feeling comfortable with this man how do I know for sure that this is his way of leading me into a false sense of security . My second question is I was surprised to read in the contract and hear from the Dr that our discussions are not private between him and me, and his notes on me are open to anyone caring for me. So I confronted him on this and told him he does realize this is going to keep me from opening up to him completely and he said he understood , and he tries to write down as little as possible so hopefully it will help me to open up to him. He is really convincing me that I can trust him, and normally this would take a lot longer to do this. should I or am I just fooling myself that no matter what he will use his training to get what he needs from me any way he can. Hope some of you have some thoughts on this. Liz.