I was a patient at a clinic for a few years for my back issues & was on a good regimen, only to get a call from my pharmacist informing me that my doctor had been federally indicted the last week of June. I was shocked, & embarrassed because it looks bad, but I had to start looking for another pain clinic in the metro Detroit area. So far it has been a no-go. Even when my nephrologist referred me, I was told 15-18 months at best. I have called my primary doctor but I was referred back to Beaumont (15-18mos.) So if anyone knows of a great pain clinic & be willing to share the information, I would appreciate it greatly.
It has been an ordeal explaining my health issues and garnering understanding from the person on the phone, and no sooner than I say the doctor's name, I am met with so much attitude! I mean, I can't say whether the guy is guilty or not, however, I am not him. All I'm guilty of is trying to find another doctor to continue my treatments. It has been an uphill battle & I am not fairing well at all. It feels like I'm guilty by association at this point.