Hello, To make a long story short, I have severe Crohns disease and have had two resections in my intestines. I still work at the age of 59. I was seeing my GI Doctor and after much debate convince him to put me on oxycodone short release as oppose to extended release as it went through me with any pain relief, because of short bowel from both surgeries. I'm currently on 20 pills a day at 15 mg per pill at dosages of 60MG, 60MG, 90MG and 90MG. I take it every 6 hours and I vary the amounts depending on the pain levels.

The oxycodone does wonderful for my Crohns as I get 90% relief at the end of my last dose and 60 to 70% in between. I have never ever gone above 300MG in a day. My theory is if you take the lowest dose which for me would be 45MG or 60MG in which I do not get 100% relief until I get to the 90MG .I get 92% relief from my pain. I'm proud to say that I have never gone beyond that dosage after 14 years and after much research found a dosage that works for me. I have been off the pain meds twice when I had my two surgeries by weaning off them and did not miss them

Here is the problem, I have been going to pain center for the last 5 years as my Dr. got scared giving me high amounts of oxycodone. At first the pain center was not happy with the amounts and try to cut me down only to see it was not helping my pain levels so they back off.. The pain center is now getting political pressure from all sides. The FDA, Whitehouse, and the group "PROP" which is trying to hurt chronic pain patients. I would assume these groups have an influence as they are coming down hard on us chronic pain patients from all avenues.

The pain center I go to and they are hard to find, out of the clear blue sky told me last month I must cut down to the equivalent of 200MG to 250MG of morphine which would be that I would need to cut myself to 11 pills or less which is roughly 166.67MG or less compared to 300MG a day. No other meds thrown in just do it. I was waiting for marijuana to get settle in Boston Mass, to give that a try and hopefully cut some of the narcotics but they will not let me do that as they would kick me out if I even try it. I said it may help me get to their goal if it would work and I still got no for an answer.

They have already cut me 30MG of meds per day. I already feel the effect which is putting pain into my work, exercise, gardening, and walking. My quality of life is starting to be effected and I'm trying to work with them but I'm afraid they will go all the way to 10 or 11 which would really make life a sucky place to be. I will be able to do it but I will get the things I love in life out. It's not right I should have to pay the price because someone OD on 3 or four prescription drugs. The news does not tell you that but when they OD there are more than one drug in them.

I hope to work with the pain center to cut some out but I should not have to, as I do not abuse the meds and get urine test every month and follow all their strict rules and rightly so. I also lock up my meds and go to one pharmacy as they demand. I can go 18 hours with not meds and not miss the oxycodone but the pain by then is so bad. The point is I do not miss it at all but I need it for pain relief.

Any ideas on how I can get them to feel compassion and work with me not to go that low. I really should not have to cut down at all but in order not to seem like a drug person seeking to hold on to those high amounts, I need to work with them, but I'm afraid they will go to low. Help please if you had any experience in this and what was your outcome?

Anybody with success with high amounts of oxycodone out there that helps you function in every day duties? I would like to hear from you. We are not drug seekers but unfortunate souls with dreadful diseases trying to get by in life but when we go to hospitals, doctors etc.. and we know all about the pain meds to help with our disease we are nothing but drug seekers.

I have no side effects, plus with Crohns the oxycodone works in my favor with bowel movements as the meds slow me down so I'm not in the bathroom all the time. I also feel the oxycodone helps slow the disease down I really do.
In ending, I will keep fighting for my right and all of our rights as chronic pain patients to have the freedom to have pain meds and to have the dosage we need no matter how high it may seem if it helps as live a long and productive life. Let’s stay together and fight these groups who mean to do the right thing but are going about it in the wrong way by hurting us by putting dosage limits on our quest to get pain relief