I wanted to write this today this is such a special site that is near to my heart and I have been on here for a good period of time just as a way of you knowing recently I have had to be off the site moreso than on due to some health issues, there is someone on here that is very dear to so many of us and I could not allow this to go without everyone being aware of this, Mary (Bennett) is a person who has been on here who came to this site close to the same time that I did recently she has had some health issues that have made it difficult for her to be as active on here as much as she would like to be today Thursday October 20, 2011 her husband Gary is entering the hospital and he is having surgery to deal with a roto cuff, he has so many other complication such as Diabetes, heart problems that not long ago required a stint to be placed in order to open the blocked area they are indeed a very special and I just wanted to add this and it is my sincere hope that we all continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers, he is to remain in the hospital for a couple of days that it if there are no further complications. he we to have the surgery later this morning I believe around 11 a.m. It is my sincere hope that all goes well and that Mary also is blessed with the strength to endure the trauma that goes with being a caregiver. best wishes to all Caringsonbj