I do not take prednisone often but I do have it handy because I occasionally get fluid buildup in the eustachian tube in my ear which causes pressure and loud ringing. The last time I got an injection for it (a few months ago) but this time I'm just taking the pill. My doctor recommends to take 20mg twice a day for 3 or 4 days. So, I am on day 2 and have only taken 1 pill last evening and 1 pill this morning. I woke up with joint pain in my hips. After taking the 1st (cumulatively the 2nd dose) this morning my pain has gotten increasingly worse and down to my feet. I do remember this happening with the injection I got last time as well. Is there something I should be concerned about? I am currently being evaluated for autoimmune diseases so if this coincides with any, any info would be great. Thank you.