I am 68. I have been on this for 6 months. I cut the tablets into 1/4 pieces (.25) mg) That's all I need for the day. Sometimes I need 2 pieces, but rarely. I have osteoarthritis everywhere. My neck disc, 3 joints in each hand have no cartridge left. Both thumbs and middle finger joint need to be replaced. Replacing the middle knuckle joint is risky from what I have heard, Shoulders, lower back and hips have arthritis. I have had both knees replaced and my right hip replaced recently. Just was told by my ortho doc he can only give them within 6 month from surgery. I am almost out. Going to see my primary care doctor to seek help today.
These give me some quality of life daily to do simple task with out pain.
If my primary care doc turns me down do I seek a pain management doc?
I have come to respect the power of percoset and do not abuse them. It's a miracle drug for me. I fear using celebrex for all the warnings and side affects.