... high. I do; however, take serious pain medication due to a spinal cord injury I got while boxing last January. I take my meds as prescribed and work with my AA sponsor closely. So here is my question today folks. Since my bowel does not work (flaccid bowel due to SCI) I take some stuff to help with softening stools and do an enema almost daily. I take Oxycontin 2x daily and oxycodone for break through pain. Lately the ozycontin is coming out of me whole, hard coat missing and if i place it on the counter and press down it just crumbles. My pain is up and down so I do not think it is coming out all of the time but it scarfes me because now I can not tell my true dose and my mood is affected, my pain is affected and I can not afford to go to the doctor for a bunch of tests to see what's up. The pharmacist's have a whole bunch of different answers. Do you have any ideas? I am afraid to cut the long acting drug up and take smaller pieces at various times to equal the dosage but I don't know what else to do