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What are oxymorphone? I kinow hydromorphone is dilaudid but not sure what oxymorphone is?

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DzooBaby 21 Feb 2012

Oxymorphone is the generic name and the brand name for this drug is Opana. So oxymorphone =Opana, also sometimes called by brand name Numorphan as well.

Inactive 21 Feb 2012

This is for information only...
The strengths of narcotics from least to strongest
Tylenol #3 &4
I know nothing of street drugs as I was a RN.
Please be careful, knowledge is power. Be safe.
The Sweetest Hippie

ddog12 22 Feb 2012

Well said imariani55, These drugs have a high potental for abuse and addiction !!!

Inactive 23 Feb 2012

Thanks ddog,
I appreciate your input... just don't no nuthin' bout street drugs like heroin,whatever makes the bid H so appealing. I do love my oxy buzz, but only lasts a few days when I restart every time. I take oxy breaks all the time and never stronger than my "lil green meanies". I like em toooooooo much! So any info forthcoming would b appreciated. free discount card

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