I am currently taking 6 opania 10 IR's a day and 4 perk 10's for the break through pain through out the day and the opania 10 IR's are just no longer working as well for me as they once did or lasting as long as they once did either and just I'm wondering if there's an opania IR that's available in a stronger strength than the 10 that I could talk to my doctor about witching me over to because the 10's are just no longer doing it or helping me and my pain levels just becoming unbearable and I've had to go to the hospital several times to just get a shot to cut the off the edge off just enough to wear I could find enlugh releaf to beable to handle to pain which I hate doing because I know that there's nothing that they can really do to help me other than to just give me that shot that doesn't even last that long either and I hate to be a burden or inpose on anyone so if anyonecould answer ,y question or suggest someting simuliar because this really worked amd helped me for quit a while Anyways thanks for reading and god bless to all out there who live in severe pain to and may you as well beable find some form or type of relief from your pain or issue thats causing you to either be in pain or suffer in some way :-)