I'm 28,I have been taking pain pills recreationally for about 4 months, no more than 15mg of oxy a day if that.. 2 days ago I didn't feel right ( had pressure /numbness on my chest felt dizzie had trouble breathing, And dull pain here and there.couldnt focus on any thing except that something was wrong.)and thought I might be having a heart attack,(doesn't help that I know the symptoms of a heart attack though So I drove to the hospital explained how I was feeling and that I took a pain pill every once in a while.so I didn't sound like a junky..well any ways they took X-rays. Blood pressure, and EKG.. The answer was that I was having pain because I Probally pulled a mussel in my back. Today I felt the same way except this time it was in my left shoulder. I ate an aspirin(just in case) smoked a cigarette and went outside now it feels like its going away. PleAse help if anything it would be nice to have some reassurance