(I've noted this question 2x but can't find it anywhere on here,so if you see it again.sorry)but I'm going from oxycotin er 30mg 2xday to opana er(I'm guessing it will be the brand bc that's what my insurance approved,right?cn the pharmacist go ahead and just fill it with generic?) ok.will changing over to opana er be better in pain help than the oxycotin bc it got to whet it wasn't helping at all? Now as far as the oxycodone(Percocet,I can't take bc it causes severe anxiety at all times)so the only breakthrough the med I cn take is the hydrocodone(loratab/loracet) 10/325 4xday. Then I need to know if anyone has taken the ADHD med Vyvanse with Opans or any of the ADHD stimulant meds with thes strong narcotic meds? Any one that elaborate on any of thes questions would sure help assure me that things might get alil better. The vyvanse was prescribed for concentration,cfs,focus&hopefully alil energy. So please help me if you can on any of my concerns. Thanks for reading. God bless&Merry Christmas. (hopefully I won't have to rewrite all this again,evidently I have no idea how to submit my questions right. P.s. I'm a 48yo female