I'm a 52 yr old female. Chronic pain patient over the course of 18 years the last 3-5 yrs have included 80mg oxy 3 a day,10/325 endocet 6-10a day, 20mg oxyfast liquid,. Pain levels so high, dr says let's withdrawal and then reevaluate. I'm now day 17 tapered as much as possible completely out 7 days ago. 2 er trips 1 urgent care trip. I'm still not sleeping, diarrhea, cramps,can't eat, never never again I'm going holistic approach next I will live with the debilitating diseases I have this today is not living. Anyone, ,,please how much longer till feel better :(brrrrrrr can't get warm keep losing things can't care for my own personal needs. Any advice welcome please