Has anyone else had this happen? I was prescribed 20mg TID of Oxycontin for about a month. It worked fairly well, but was extremely unsettling to my stomach. When I returned for my follow-up visit with my Pain Managment physician, he prescribed me 15mg TID of MS Contin. It not only works better and lasts longer (the time release/half-life deal) for my pain, but doesn't upset my stomach. For those of you who take pain medication and it upsets your stomach, try drinking some Ensure with it. It works great because Ensure isn't just for geriatric patients anymore. It is thick, almost "milkshake-like" and tastes pretty good when cold... just a suggestion. I have heard many horror stories of the misuse of Oxycontin and there have been many deaths related to purposely abusing it. Please be cautious of any narcotic. They can be/are addictive and withdrawal ain't pretty.