... ethex version,is there a comparable dose to an oc 80 and what are the common name i can use to ask for them by?my dosage is 100mg of oc every 12 hrs and i just this month recieved the new version and immediatly noticed problems in my stomach and my pain level skyrocketed like i was on no pain relievers,and the old versions of oc did not give me hardly any constipation,but the new ops instantly and severly constpated me,it is very painfull. the old oc absolutely took aLL MY PAIN EVERYWHERE AWAY AND MADE ME FEEL BRAND NEW WITH WONDERFULL ENERGY,THE NEW OP does not control even 23%of my pain but as i take my meds orally i figured when i found out the day i picked up my monthly supply that they were a new version,i would go ahead and have faitth they worked just as well as the oc version,NOT!! now i aM IN PRETTY CLOSE TO THE SAME PAIN SCALE AS I WAS 10 YRS AGO WHEN I STARTED TAKING RELIVERS.I read somewhere that there was a medecation called ethex version and that it was very comparable to the old version of oc,so i would like to know what to ask for and what dose they com in