A good person on here asked me to post a question as I and so many others seem to be having terrible side effects from the new OP formulation that Purdue Pharma put out to make tamper proof so that abusers couldn't cut them open anymore.
I started the new OP on 9/6 feeling as good as I ever can with RSD in chronic pain with this being the only long acting opiate that not only ever helped my pain but also that I wasn't severely allergic to.
A few days before Tuesday, 9/14 I felt constipated attributing it to the new OP formula. On 9/14 I began vomiting knowing it was the medication/constipation problem. I stopped vomiting but the next day woke up feeling flu like symptoms with a fever of 100.9 and what is medically called; malaise which means a general feeling of being ill also with my stomach still out of sorts.
It is now day 17 on this new OP formula and I'm not as bad as I was on 9/14 through 9/18 but I'm still daily feeling ill, having a low grade fever, and my stomach just isn't right and I feel it gets worse after the usual time that it always took for the old formulation of OC to kick in; about 1 1/2 hours.
I feel I could have the same pain relief personally if I could take the amount I'm prescribed but my stomach won't allow it along with not being able to take the Percocet for breakthrough pain; usually 3 to 4 a day but with the stomach problems, I've only been able to take one most days; maybe a 2nd.
I called my pharmacist who has had other complaints of very similar symptoms that I reported. He didn't say how many but it didn't sound good.
I've had the same pharmacist for over 11yrs and he knows me well and does talk to me.
I have thought that maybe we are having withdrawals from the old formulation and it could take time for our bodies to adjust to the new OP formulation as the compounds have changed.
I am trying to not just psych myself out due to these side effects knowing that the compound change could be the problem and give it time to see if my stomach can handle this and start feeling better in general.
My doctor knows that ALL other long acting opiates that I have been prescribed have given me serious allergic reactions so I must have an extremely sensitive system. Last year I was even put on Opana and I couldn't breathe after taking only the 1st pill.
I would have already gone off of this entirely if there were other options for me but feel I have to give it a try.
I would like anyone who is taking this new OP kind and was on the old OC formulation to post here on this question and keep up to date with any side effects or symptoms they may be having as we just need to try to help each other here.
Maybe we can figure this out together. I was only able to take the dose I'm supposed to for the 1st 8 days so I also don't know if this is going to relieve my own chronic pain the way the OC did along with my breakthrough meds.
I see my doctor soon and will have to tell her what is going on after I figured out this was not a flu bug or virus but this new OP itself.
I was extremely upset as I tried to do an online search today only to find the drug abusers trying to figure out how to cut it open to abuse it more.
The people I've met here are usually genuine and together we can help each other.
I also promise to keep you up to date on my own issues and hopefully we can start feeling better soon.