If this was an OTC med, it would've been pulled off the shelves by now.
I haven't had to take this poison since the end of September but after speaking to others who had no choice but to stay on it for a much longer time; many of them ending up in the ER/hospital, I don't know why the FDA hasn't gotten involved more?
I know I had a very long thread of replies from my original post back in Sept 2010. I thought it was time to start a new one for those who are still on it (or recently put on it) and becoming so ill.
After going off any long acting opiate I was finally put on Kadian and feel it has helped me more than the original OC did but I remained on the OC and the same dose for 9 1/2yrs not realizing I was so under medicated due to fear of all my meds and thinking for life. It will be 12yrs in chronic pain; over 11 1/2 was on the OC never harming me or making me sick until given the OP.
I now have a doctor I can trust that doesn't want me to remain sick on any of my meds. I know many people don't have that in a doctor so please post your replies here of your own experiences so it may help others.
I don't want anyone to die from this but I see it coming for real CP patients and that scares me. Now I've heard way too many horror stories far worse than my own.
Even if you have taken it and it has helped you not making you sick, let us know.
As one bad pm doctor once said to me; "All these meds are supposed to make you sick". That is NOT true even tho I know of the long term dangers of any meds.
We must help each other here. I turned in my form to Purdue but have gotten NO reply or call as they promised. Anyone else?
The FDA is making a huge mistake by allowing this drug to be on the market as I've known over 100 people to get very ill on it with stomach problems.
That is just me personally. There has to be so many more that we don't know about.