About 3 days ago i snorted a small amount of oxycontin with some friends.. they were 20mg tablets and i ony had a little amount of one tablet.. about 10 minutes later we smoked some weed and about a minute later i went into shock.. everything was a frame by frame and there were flashing black dots.. i was dizzy and my heart rate was really fast. i also was clammy yet my skin was cold.. now 3 days later i have not gone to the hospital nor do my parents know... im still in shock i think for my stomach feels queesy most of the time and my heart feels really weird and my heart rate speeds up randomly. Im really scared.. ive asked a couple people that i know that do drugs and they said id be fine after a few days... but im not sure if they know for sure.. should i be worried and tell my parents and go to the hospital? or will this just pass in a few days? please im really scared..