i currently take oxycontin 20mg.i am on 120mg per day for extensive liver damage which causes me muscle cramps chronic fatigue and bad appetite.i take 60mg(3tabs)when i wake up,then (2tabs)afternoon then (1tab)at bedtime.i have been doing this approx;two years now but also notice that they are no where near giving me relief anymore as my health issues are also slowly getting worse.what might be the limits of taking this medication.i find that it used to greatly help with pain and for some reason gave me energy.those days are long gone as it barely takes care of my pain now.i did go on m-eslon 30mg,capsules,eight throughout the day but found that i was really tired then.it was a two week trial and i went back to the oxy.is there any other pain meds i could switch to,keeping in mind my liver condition,or am i able to increase the oxycontin much more. thanks