... pain I have been prescribed 40mg oxycontin per day. I take 20 at 9am and 20 at 9pm.

I have stuck rigidly to this and have never abused any drug before recreationally.

I am now at the stage where I want to reduce my dosage, the long term goal is stop taking painkillers but the short term goal is to see how much pain the oxycontin is masking.

I know and have read about the dangers of oxycontin but in all honesty I have never experienced anything more than giddiness and nausea in the first week or so I started taking oxycontin.ive just been normal and pain free mostly with maybe a few bouts of being over emotional at times.

I also know that stopping the drug will not be easy and I am mentally prepared for this. The only real addiction I have had is smoking cigarettes which I successfully kicked after 10 years with no problems whatsoever. I didn't find it too difficult as I simply removed myself from situations where I would be inclined to smoke. I know this is a world of difference but the same determination is there.

I have the full support of my gp and we have set ourself a three month target. I am a school teacher with 6 weeks holidays from July so this is my finish line because if I need to be housebound for a couple of days it won't affect my working life.

We decided to drop down from the aforementioned dose to 20 in the morning and 10 in the evening,I start this on Saturday (June 11) I did try this before 6 months into using but the pain in my ankle was just unbearable an I had to return to 40per day. Quite simply the drug has been allowing me to live a normal life, except for being able to play football and run, but I can work and maintain all my day to day home and family duties

I have a fully supportive wife and family but I think support groups that give you a level of anonymity are a great outlet for sharing everything warts and all, maybe its due to the stigma and feelings of shame I may harbor from the stigma attached to painkilling addictions.

If anyone of you guys fancy just checking in with words of support every now and again it would be greatly appreciated and in return I will keep you updated with my progress.

40mg might be small fry compared to what others users take in a daily basis but even if I was taking 1 mg per day I wouod still be looking for support as I would still be entering the unknown.

Sorry for such a long winded intro but I hope with your help this will be as easy as possible with your support