... oxycotin am and 60 oxycotin in the pm. so Fri am i took 90mg kadian and then in the pm i took 60 oxycotin in the pm, sat began the same dosage but only with the oxycotin, no longer took any kadian. I am still taking 150mg (generic) wellbutrin in the am. I felt the same as before until this am. (Sun.). I woke up from cold sweats went directly to the bathroom and the sweats got really bad, I had to go the the bathroom, (remember from my previous ?'s that I have been MAJORLY constipated from the Kadian) I hadn't even taken any laxitives the night before because of the med change (and i hope you all know I HATE talking about that stuff!!! ) Anyway, I felt sooooo sick, it almost felt like opiate withdrawal, I went through that before, but on top of everything I can't stop crying. I feel terrible, I'm in so much pain. I did push myself Fri afternoon, I went grocery shopping with my fiance, and I never do that because it does make my pain worse. Why is this happening? Is it withdrawl from the kadian? but why if I replaced it with the oxycotin? Please respond with any ideas or advice. I really can't handle any more, I just want to get all this undercontrol and feel better. I am miserable