... where this analgesic is under government licence (Controlled drug), the licence only permits one every 12 hours to be prescribed, anything other than this is off licence.

My issue is that I have been taking this for over a decade for a spinal injury twenty some years ago, and consistently the maximum use I can gain from these is usually about 10 hours only leaving me in pain 4-5 hours a day.

I would like to discover:

Whether anybody else has this issue with these?
Have you discovered what the problem is?
Is there a solution? I know that one every 8 hours works but this would be off licence and problematic.
Can you please point me towards some data/evidence that there is indeed an issue?

I spoke to a the information desk at NAPP Pharmaceuticals, they simply told me to ask the GP/MD to prescribe off licence to one every 8 hours but this is almost impossible to achieve, so I am wondering whether the licence itself is at fault? (that 1 every 12 hours is simply too optimistic)

Thank you