I am a 47 yr female w/ 3 level titanium plate and 12 screws in neck for 2 failed neck surgeries. Severe nerve damage to neck and arms; now bone grows through my titanium plate for an inoperable surgery. I also have 2 lumbar herniations, DDD, right hip with complete muscle tear, arthritis all through back and much more to boot. I take Oxycontin ER 30 mg, 2's per day but only get relief for about 8 hrs, so in between I take oxycodone 15 mg for break through. I am curious if I can take the extended relief more often to subdue pain and take less break through med. I am diligently trying to do all invasive things possible to get better and get off pain med, as everyone knows the stigma which comes along with pain management. Does anyone know if this is possible, taking the ER more often?