So, this will be an odd question and I will need to give a bit of graphic context for the question to be fully understood. I have a condition called Ulcerative Colitis which has left me without a colon. I have had a multitude of surgeries and in 3 separate periods of my life I have had an ostomy bag. Currently I am living with a jPouch (look it up) instead of having the outer ostomy bag.

At one point, after having an ostomy take down, I got put on OxyContin which didn't feel like it was working for as long as it was supposed to. I would get the first dose, but nothing more. Once I got my ostomy back on the second time I realized what was going on. I was getting the first blast of medicine as it decomposed in my stomach, but then I would end up seeing the pill pop out into my ostomy bag straight from intestine.

So, my assumption is that the second dose of Oxy is given to the body as it decomposes in a patients colon, an organ that I no longer have. Is this correct? Is the colon the second stage release for OxyContin?

Secondly, if this is the case, what are other options for extended pain relief for Chrons/Colitis patients that either have an ostomy bag or have little to no large intestine left?