I have suffered from Diabetes II and Graves Disease since Sept 11, 2001. The date you see is not a typo. On the morning of this date, after I had passed out from a sugar level of 588, I awoke in the I.C.U. and watched as the second plane crashed into the second tower. About two minutes later my Dr. walked in and stood at the feet of my bed and told me, "Welcome to the world of Diabetes". One of the complications of Diabetes over time is Neuropathy. I currently suffer from left and right lateral neuropathy in both of my feet. The pain is immense to say the least. Over the years I have been prescribed Percocet, Lyrca, Oxycodone 30 mg X 6 times a day. The pain is still IMMENSE and like all drugs your body builds up a tolerance. I am now on Oxycontin 80 mg TWICE a day with Oxycodone 30 mg X 3 a day for breakthrough pain. I need to know if this is TOO high of a dosage and also, does anyone have an equivalency chart to give me an idea of what the above mentioned is equivalent to? I do not, nor do I desire, have any sort of HIGH from the meds that I take daily, I only feel pain relief. That to me is what matters. Thank you in advance and enjoy what remains of your day.