I'm a cancer patient called sarcoma I got a lump or extra mass in my right leg growin. Which is pushing or squeezing my nerve or my blood vessels. In the process of squeezing my blood don't flow properly so my blood make clots. Because of all this I feel pain in my leg I'm young lad in my mid 20s but the pain don't let me sleep and I cry coz of pain some time. At first my doctor put me on 50mg of OxyContin twice a day and 10-15 mg of oxynorm after every four hours. But they didn't work then my doctor increase the dosage of OxyContin to 70mg but it still didn't work. After few days of complaining he put me on 100mg of OxyContin and 30mg of oxynorm for every two hours they worked for few days. But then I start getting pain in my leg and I can't sleep simple. Yesterday he put me on 150mg of OxyContin for twice a day. Last night I had one dose of that but I feel like it's burning inside my body I had four glasses of milk since 3am from 10pm. And he told me if I feel extra pain have 50mg of oxynorm. I had 40mg but still I can't sleep coz of pain it's not working at all on my body. My treatment starting on 28th of this month but I don't know I should have 150mg of OxyContin and 50mg of oxynorm or NOT. when I had them at night I had headache on left side my left eye was involve in that pain.I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. WHAT IS BEST FOR ME PLEASE :)