Years ago when I first was treated for chronic severe pain, I was given Oxycontin and Vioxx to reduce pain and inflammation and it was great, I was prescribed Oxy three times a day (it usually worked well for about seven hours, so three would help me around the clock, and Vioxx was always the best anti-inflammatory pain med that worked great in conjunction with the Oxycontin. However, over the years, my insurance would generally stop paying for Oxycontin after a period of time, and so I was changed to Oxycodone (instant release rather then over time, extended) At first it was a real "pain" no pun intended, however, recently, the pain management clinic I go to told me that in Florida, the DEA/ or FDA is advising them not to prescribe six (6) IR (instant release oxycodones) per day and that I must change over to the time release. I was all too thrilled at first since I usually could not get an 'exception' from insurance to pay for the extended release- but I have been taking the ER for a few weeks now, and find that it only seems to work 4 to 5 hours max, AND I am having so many other side effects from the ER, I think from reformulation, frankly I feel like if I continue taking it my system will be so screwed up, I will be dead in another month or two, and this scares me to death. I want to return to the IR, which I am used to and prefer when comparing it to the newer Oxycontin. Does anyone have any experience, information, or advice to share?