Hi everyone Im 62 years old. I have been on 80mg oxycontin and 45mg oxycodone for the past 5 years for chronic back pain. Talked to my Dr on Thursday and told him I want off and told him my plan. Plan is to drop oxycontin to one 40mg and one 30mg and use the oxycodone as needed! On Friday i dropped to a total of 60mg oxycontin , 30mg twice a day and still use oxycodone as needed but it is less then 30mg a day. Today Sunday I woke up feeling better than I have since I can't remember when! Took 30mg at 6:00am feeling almost normal all day! Just starting to feel WD at 3:00pm. So i took 7.5mg oxycodone and 2.5mg of xanax. Question is should I slow down I feel like I would like to drop to two 20mg of oxycontin use oxycodone and xanax as needed. Also I listen to the Beatles it comforts me greatly! I would appreciate and comments or suggestions. Wish all a strong day. Peace to all who are struggling!