I broke my leg 7 years ago and I have been on and off low doses (5mg) for most of those years. I would take a few months off here and there with no withdrawal what so ever. However, 5 months ago, my orthopedic recommended me to Pain Management because I am only 25 years old and suffer from chronic knee pain due to the injuries I sustained. He told me this new doctor could prescribe me the oxycodone long term without the tylenol.
I have been on (15mg) Doses since I switched to this new doctor 5 months ago. They are 15mg Roxicodone Pills that I take 6 times a day (90Mg a day spread out). Approximately 2 months ago, I found myself needing more and more and I increased my dose to 30Mg 3xDay then 30Mg 4xDay... for a total of 120Mg a day. I ran out early that month and I let my doctor know. He told me it was normal for my body to need more of the medicine to relieve my pain but that he would not prescribe any more than what he already is for my condition.
This left me in a terrible position and I felt like I needed more so I would have 3 weeks of relief and 1 week of withdrawal every month.
I have been running out a week early every month for the past 3 months. However, I have supplemented other medication I have left over when the symptoms got too bad. Everytime I suffer what I would consider mild to severe withdrawal symptoms for a day or two I would take my left over medication (5mg) oxycodone doses to try to relieve these symptoms.
The problem I have right now is that I am on my last 15mg dose right now. My next appointment is not for 10 days. I do not have any left over medication to help supplement a smooth symptom free withdrawal.
My question is this : How long and severe do you think the withdrawal symptoms will last? I have been on them for 5 Months straight taking a week off here and there. My DR. told me I shouldnt withdrawl because 15 mg is a low dose however it is not 15mg it is 120mg/day.
How long and how severe do you think the withdrawal will be? I have read it can be anywhere from 2 Days to a Week.
I have one other question. I am on Ativan for anxiety... I have read on several sites that Ativan is actually a great medication for the reduction of withdrawal symptoms. Is this true?
Well everyone wish me luck I am hoping that this is a blessing in disguise and that in 10-Days my tolerance will be reduced and I can start taking the medication at a much lower dose.
Let me know what everyone thinks. I am nervous about the withdrawal and whether or not I am going to be able to get thru this without professional help. I mean at the same time it is only 10-Days.
Thanks for the help everyone :)