Please someone reply quickly. I am new to this site and am looking to make friends with people that have the same interest as me which is to get off oxycodone. I have been a pain patient for almost 4 years now and have gradually been moved up from 20mg a day and now 180mg daily. Yesterday my primary care doc told me I'm getting up there with a condition that shouldn't constitute that high of a dose and I agreed. I have lost my insurance so rehab is out of the question. Me and my doctor decided to quit cold turkey and he prescribed me clonidine. Not a taper because of my financial situation. So yesturday I quit my oxys at 12pm and began using my clonidine. By that night I was felling the effects of not taking my oxy. Every pain patient knowswhat this feels like. So I took another cloonidine and this really does help it is at the 35th hour oxy free and I ate half a 30mg tablet because although the clonidine has worked wonders thers is no way in hell I was going to sleep a wink. My questions are as follows:

1. Should I have not taken the 15 mg oxy to sleep and does that mean I have to start the process all over again? I didn't sleep v asery long anyways.
2. Can I. Cheat a little and still lower my tolerance to a reasonable dose quickly
3. Can someone give me a feasable taper because I have to sleep a little during the night I am looking for a good job everyday and have to present myself at least half way decent