My first visit to the pain clinic and he hands me a script for 120 10/325 mg percocets. He mentioned something about maybe having to go to something time released. The only thing I can think of that is time released on this level of narcotics is Oxycontin. Is this right? And what is the best route to go? I always seem to start to go into withdrawal around 5 hours if I don't have 10 mg of oxycodone in my system, so I was thinking that the time release might work better for me so I won't constantly be worrying about going into withdrawal. I don't mind waiting a bit for the pain relief with the time release just as long as I know it's eventually coming... I have a lot of mental issues as well as physical issues (lol) with these pain pills. I worry about them all the time... will I have enough... oh shoot, I can take an extra one, then that leads to an extra 7!!! So, since I had a small party the first week with my script, I am now left with only being able to have about 2 1/2 pills/day until I get my next script. So, when I see the doctor I will have to tell him if this is working for me. So I wanted some opinions on if time release for a person with my concerns would work better than regular old percocet 10's? Any advice would be valued.