Short story I'm 21 and have been doing pain killers since I was 19. My addiction didn't start till maybe last year in august when I went through a bad depression and still I'm going through it . It feels like the only thing that keeps me going everyday is the pill . It's hard to explain but I think about it everyday and I try to stop but when I'm at work and don't take any my mind keeps telling me I need one to get through the day. My addiction got worse when I started getting ahold of the 30mg taking one first thing in the morning before I get to work sometimes during work if I have any extra I've lost my confidence I've lost me since. I don't know how to start I know it's gonna kill me but I just can't let it go I want to stop the pill and be normal and start a new life I want a career not a job. I know pills will interfere. Anyone I'm here ever been an addict to this drug. How did you do it I need advice