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Since oxycodone isnt used on an as needed basis what is it used for and how is it used?

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LaurieShay 15 Oct 2015

Oxycodone, an opioid type pain killer, can be prescribed on as as needed basis for example for breakthrough pain when someone is on another pain killer and still experiences pain. I have had it prescribed many times for as needed. I suppose it really depends on the reason for which it is being prescribed, which formula is being prescribed and what strength.

kaismama 15 Oct 2015

Oxycontin is not used on an as needed bases. It is used for chronic pain to keep a level of oxycodone in the blood to prevent pain.

wildchild1 17 Oct 2015

Oxycodone can & is used on a prn/as needed basis. Oxycontin is not, Oxycontin is a concentrated dose of Oxycodone but works on a 12 hour time release. There is no other prescribing information for Oxycontin that will allow no more than 2 tabs a day. 1 tab by mouth every 12 hours. But Oxycodone can be used as needed or however your doctor instructs you to do so. Never take any more than what is instructed, without checking with your doctor first. free discount card

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