I've had issues with chronic pain due to a very badly botched Total Knee Replacement. No other surgeon will agree to go in and reconfigure this awful mess my ortho made.
I was put on Oxycodone in 2014. About 3 months later I woke up with bloody sheets and bloody blisters all over two massive lower extremities and an overnight weight gain of 17 lbs. I tapered off the Oxycodone on my own and once off it completely, the leg edema stopped. My doctor just put me back on Oxy again and yeah, the edema is back. I am 100 % certain the Oxy is the cause. I'm going off it again and notified my doctor. My blood pressure goes very high due to the pain, and BP meds don't work that well. What can my doctor do to treat my pain without the side effect of massive 4+ edema?
By the way, someone else answered another members question if Oxycodone caused leg edema and was told "No." obviously the person answering that question didn't have the track record I have. It does cause edema... maybe not in every patient who takes Oxy but it's the sole cause of my edema.