Damn it - I hate this keyboard. I write war andd peace in volume and "poof" all gone, because I press or my cat walks on whatever button it is that deletes my sh@t, and I hate writein the same thing twice.

Being an inveterate (sp?) addict (recovered) who is very suseptible to the allures of an altered reality. I am afraid I'll take a few and then get ensnared in it's wiley grasp. I don't want to have to add pill-head to my substance abuse resume, but I have pain up and down my lumpy little body. I took naproxen for two years straight, but quit when I realized it was probably burrowing little escape hatches out of my stomach. Then there was that sh*t that just got pulled off the market because it gives you heart attacks and strokes. Too bad because it didn't give me a high, and worked well enough on my pains. Oh - Darvocet.
Ultran? It generated so much anxiety I wanted to rip my hair out.

So now..Oxycodone. Is it a potential trap? Should I worry? I wouldn't take it often, but all the war stories on this website makes me hesitate.