I suffer from cronic pain due from 3 heart attacks
The Doctors do not know why
Some think it is because my blood pumps too slow now due to the loss of 45 percent of my heart
This perhaps causes a stagnated problem like if water does not move fast enoufe it becomes stagnated
I cannot walk far my blood pressure goes up to 210 over 113 if I do.
My pain started when I lost my wife during Katrina she was a police officer for mobile Alabama.
Her death was a devistation to my life.
after she was buried 2 weeks later I had my first heart attack.
then the pain began that was in 2005 Aug 30
I had my second heart attack in 2006 third in 2007
My life has been a hell on this earth.
In mobile the doctors put me on 40 mg oxycodone 3 times a day
when I moved to roanoke va they said oh no too much sorry 5 mg 3 times a day
Then a year passes and the new coctor gives me 15 mg 5 times a day
that is every 4 hours 15 mg,,I guess when I sleep I set the alarm clock they thought.
It has reduced the pain but my fear is what happens when this doctor leaves and a new one comes and tells me oh no 5 mg 3 times a day.
I have suffered to the point of praying to God every night to please let me sleep and not wake up.
seem like a sad story?
It is real..the pain and my life
The Alleycat