... tried to quit a few times but still had surgery pending so it was pointless. It has been 90 days since my last surgery so the surgeon cut me of of oxy and said I need to go to pain mgmt. I dont have the $$ to afford that and my ins has been cut off because I could not pay the prem. It's day 4 now and still feel like crap hot cold flashes no energy cant sleep more than 30 min. The last time I went ten days and relapsed. I cant afford to buy this crap on the streets and it has become hard as hell for me to find anyway. I prey that i can overcome this beast!! I live alone with few friends (mostly addicts) and all family out of state. I still suffer from avascular necrosis although I have had both hips replaced I have been told my knees are next to give out. I need to get back to work because of past due bills due and scared to death of homelessness. I am in a dark dark place and close to throwing in the towel