hi everyone, im in a bit of a sticky situation. im on probation and i relapsed and i feel terrible that i fucked up my sobriety having 85days in total. i just boke down and i took 120 mg of Oxycodone IR in roxy 15's tablet format no filler just oxy. i had 8 of them and did em all. So here is my real question, its saturday night at 3am. i could potentially have a drugtest on monday afternoon the earliest. is there anything i can do to increase my chances of passing the drugtest. im hoping they do a limited test when i go in, the court always changes it up one day they will test just for morphine, THC, amphetamines/meth. barbituates. the last test i had was thursday they tested for OXY, BENZO, THC, meth, alcohol, etc. will i ba able to pass a drugtest by monday or tuesday with 1-2 days inbetween. i got 3 gallons of cranberry juice to drink along with plenty of water, as well as some sure jel fruit pectin. i heard that will mask it if taken before the test like 2hrs. is this true. i also got a home oxy spesefic urine test to double check before i go in for the real thing. anyone please help thanks.