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Oxycodone - can you lose your drivers license for taking 1 5-325 every 4to6 hours?

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Inactive 23 Jan 2011

I would definetly find out your local laws for sure but as far as I know the answer is no. You may need a doctors note and have to take your meds. as prescribed. You need to have a really really good idea on how the oxy effects you before you get behind the wheel. When I was taking Demerol I was allowed to drive with a doctors note that I kept in my glove box.

nitco 24 Jan 2011

thank you what i cant understand is the doctor wrote it could affect my driving saftly on a HP parking permit thats how this all started he,s been giving me these pills for 9yrs11mths.i also have had not one offence ever on my driving record in that time.

caringsonbj 23 Jan 2011

if you jhave just stareted on this medication before you ever hit the roads I believe the safe thing is for you to observe and see how this medicine effects you, If you are on this medication then you need the bottle with your name and prescriber on it otherwise I think they would question what you are doing I can't say for sure but since it is a CNS depressant they at least will want you observed I can't hoestly say they would remove your right to drive unless you prove you are not in shape to sdrive while taking this medication free discount card

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