I am a cancer survivor of a very aggressive cancer. During my treatment I was given Oxycodone to help subside the painful side effects of the chemo & radiation. When I was done w/treatment, I stopped taking the Oxycodone because I thought I didn't it anymore. But for 3 years I suffered joint/body ache, Lymphodemia, a lot of daily fatigue; I was tired all the time! Five years ago I asked my doctor to give me something for my achy body. For 2 yrs. I tried different meds for arthritis. I felt anxious, restless, nightmares. Some made me feel depressed or confused. Nothing worked. I asked for something stronger so I got Oxycodone 7.5/350. The medicine helps me get through the day. Unless I don't take the medicine, I'm not in pain anymore. I LOVE WHAT OXYCODONE ALLOWS ME TO DO. I feel normal again!

Eight days ago I stopped taking the medicine. I was expecting horrible side effects but so far I only get a little bit of restless legs late at night w/a little bit of anxiety and my worse complain is that my bones ache like they did during Chemo. I take a half of 1MG of Atavan to help me sleep & Passion Flower for my restless legs. Seems to work. Should I expect to get ugly side effects w/in the next days?

Thank you.