I have taken oxycodone for several years due to 3 spine diseases and a back surgery that never took the fusion. Very, very painful. I went to a different pharmacy location (same pharmacy) and filled it but they looked different. I was told 'different manufacturer) they were written by my pain specialist the same, I expected the little tiny blue ones I usually get (oxycodone immediate release as always). THEY DO NOT WORK! CARA '224' FAT BLUE PILLS DO NOT WORK THE SAME!!! I don't get that 'high' feeling which is GOOD, I see how this could lessen the amount of junkies seeking that fix... but for me? No thanks on the 'high feeling' but CARA! I'm in serious pain! They are not helping my pain like the others do??? and I only get so many a month per pain contract. I feel like I need to take more to relieve the pain but I can't or I'll run out! What is up with this "cara" junk? I'm really irritated because I mean.. I'm due for a very major spine surgery... fuse L-2 all the way to S-I. Cages and metal plates.. screws... I need the oxycodone that works! Any other people seeing this same problem and experiencing the same issue? I talked to the pharmacist and he said (which made me so mad I hung up on his ignorance) "it's a different manufacturer and with this one, 'it may work for some people but for some it won't work... " SO SHOULDN'T YOU TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY ARE FILLING A MED THAT HELPS THEM LIVE A SOMEWHAT NORMAL LIFE OUT OF SOME PAIN? MAYBE NOT WORK? SHOULDN'T I BE INFORMED???
What? So... it's ok to just give out a crappy generic that 'may not work' for some people when us 'people' rely on it and expect the same drug as we've always gotten? I need to file a complaint... this makes me very very mad at this 'cara' company. I want to know are these supposedly the same as the other little blue ones? I believe the old ones had "A" up top on the score line and 3 numbers under. They are the 30mg immediate release ones. All the other pharmacies carry the ones I'm used to. I'll never fill there again. I'm very upset and in massive pain. Whatever is different with these make me so sick that I had to go to the ER because I was sweating so bad (still am) and throwing up severely, several several times over those last two weeks. I am mad