I started on 5MG Oxybutynin a few months ago for my full body Hyperhidrosis. The 5MG seemed to help, but only very slightly, and with mild side effects, like cotton mouth in the morning, nothing intolerable. Since the 5MG seemed to be only slightly effective, my doctor prescribed 10MG (ER). I see little to no change with how much I sweat, and in fact, I have even less side effects (such as dry eye/mouth) on the extended release. That is, aside from the ice pick headaches that last day in and day out, and throughout the night and this has been going on for over a week now. I’ve been on the 10MG for about a month total. I need suggestions and help. My Hyperhidrosis literally causing me anxiety, and I’ve been content with the results of Oxybutynin, but I cannot manage these headaches, if this is the root cause. Are there any other suggestions or ways to eliminate Hyperhidrosis? Is Oxybutynin likely the culprit of my ongoing headaches (very much a pulsating electrical shock feeling in my temples)? Any help/advice/guidance would be appreciated. I really really feel stuck on what to do.