I have been prescribed 15mg 5x a day for a severe back problem, I am in my late 20's and lost all hope. I take my months prescription within 7-10 days and buy 30 mgs illegally when I run out. I have been spending thousands a month and lost my job and now everyday revolves around how I am going to get high. I have tried to stop but the physical pain usually gets me back into the habit. I have a mental addiction as well. I have tried procedures and surgeries for my back and just yesterday I got a radio-frequency treatment that made me in unbearable pain. I am hoping to get support and ideas on how to get off of these pills and still live a normal life with the pain without getting the fusion surgery that my surgeon recommends because even if and that's a BIG IF my pain gets relieved I feel I will begin using again. It has taken over my life and I don't want to die. I have taken up to 300 mg a day. Now I have handed my pills over to my mother and out of the 5 15mgs I get per day she gives me 2 pills. I also have anxiety problems that I get xanax for but I quit the xanax about 1 year ago when my oxy addiction grew bc I don't want to mix meds and overdose. I am bored without much to do now that I am unemployed and think about pills all day. I want my life back but don't know how to do it. This is hell and my mother is so worried because she knows I snort them. I lost my boyfriend to my addiction and almost all of my friends because I have no desire to participate in any of the activities I used to before the addiction. the only time I leave my house is to go see my dealer to get more pills. I am so desperate to get off of these and I feel like people that get hooked on these things are doomed to relapse over and over and never get clean. HELP! I need guidance and I want off of these and want my life back :(