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Oxcarbazepine - At what times should I take my two doses of 300 mg oxycarbamepine?

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Inactive 20 Feb 2013

Hello Blacklionvark. I am not a doctor. Not certain what your perscription is written for in as per dose. Regards pledge

Blacklionvark 20 Feb 2013

I take one 300mg twice daily for mood stabilization. I would assume oxycarbamezipine last 12 hours but I thought maybe someone here would have more info.

sara12345 31 Mar 2013

I would think that you should time the doses about 12 hours apart, but if you have further questions, you should call your doctor's office.

sara12345 31 Mar 2013

I'm taking it for severe neuropathic pain.

Anna Gates 12 Oct 2017

If you are talking about what I call the Ox-Trileptal and you're wanting to take it but twice daily like they say, most people would probably do well just after 8:50 in the morning and same time at night or what they call 8:50 and 20:50 i.e free discount card

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